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New Way Radar

An interactive workshop series that will give you the support you need to recommit to your personal growth goals. You will be guided through multi-faceted personal development tools that centers how YOU want to shift and expand to better show up in your collaborative spaces. 

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"Learn a practical system for collective decision-making, mutual accountability, collaborative governance, and self and group reflexivity in a supportive and patient environment.

Alyssa Moncure

Participant in the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program

"As someone whose background is in racial equity and social justice, I work with a lot of folks who are interested in shifting power structures and collaborative leadership.

I appreciated how this course gave structure to sharing power in collaborative spaces and processing tensions in a way that feels generative rather than harmful." 

Lia Carpio

Participant in the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program

"It was such a relief to learn that I’m not alone in wanting better, more clear, effective ways of collaborating and decision-making with teams, and that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel!" 

Iimay Ho

Participant in the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program

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Cooperative Leadership Certification Program

An interactive course that will give you a concrete understanding of methods to share power and facilitate collaboration.

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Explore the Collab Manual

A step-by-step library of processes to facilitate transparency, collaboration, and movement in your organization.

Cooperative Leadership Certification Program, Level 1

Tap into your brilliance as a grounded cooperative leader to facilitate through the complexity, conflicts, & joys in your team.

Cooperative Leadership Certification Program, Level 2

For Level I grads, this course is a deeper dive into key organizational conversations to foster cooperativism throughout your processes.

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